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Mashkalai daal is a type of lentil.This pulse is cultivated in the Indian subcontinent since ancient times. Mashkalai is a cash crop in Bangladesh. Its cooking pulse is very popular.This dry lentil has about 9.7% water, 23.4% protein, 1% fat, 57.3% of carbohydrates, 3.8% fiber and 4.9% ash.Experts say that this branch has 20 to 23% protein. Protein and Vitamin B are also good sources from this pulse.

This package includes 2 kg of Mashkalai daal.


2kg - 6kg local 75 taka (within 5km)

7 kg - 12kg local 150 taka (within 5km)

2 kg - 6 kg 150taka (above 5km)

7kg -12kg 200 taka (above 5km)


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