Deshi Premium Combo 2 - Growups Grocers-Suborno

Today and 4 more days2:00 PM - 8:00 PM
(30-50 Ratings)

Suborno provides safe fruits and vegetables.Using permaculture processes, strict guidelines and cold-chain transport, we are able to grow and source the highest quality vegetables in the market. We work in cooperation with Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) at our 10-acre farm in Gazipur to implement the latest sustainable farming technologies.

Basic package:

Red Amaranth 'Lal shaak' (1 kg)

Round Eggplant 'Round Begun' (1 kg)

Flat beans 'Shim' (1 kg)

Green Papaya 'Kacha pepe' (1 kg)

Cabbage ' Badhakopi' (1 piece)

Coriander Leaf ' Dhoniya pata' (250 gm)


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