How does it work for customers?

Place an order telling us the number of portions you want, when and where you want to have them delivered; and you’re done. You can rest easy knowing that your homemade food will prepared with the freshest ingredients available in a hygienic environment by our home cooks and will be delivered on time. You can also browse offers on our facebook group.

How is food from Cookups different to those from restaurants or a takeaways?

We offer healthy and tasty food prepared to your order. Unlike commercial eateries, we focus on wholesome and freshly prepared meals, cooked with love and care at our cooks’ kitchens.

How long in advance do I have to place an order?

At this time, you can order most offers 12 hours in advance, although specific offers may be available 3-6 hours ahead. As you may already understand shopping for the local ingredients, cooking your meals and then delivering them to your doorstep takes time.

How do I pay for a meal?

You pay for the meals in cash once the food is delivered to your doorstep. We are working on incorporating payments online with a credit or debit card, as well as bkash and other mobile financial services.

Do you deliver?

Yes. All meals are delivered to the address you enter when ordering, which can be your home, workplace or anywhere you want in the areas we are operating.

Where is Cookups available?

At this point in time, Cookups is only available in selected areas of Dhaka.

How much does it cost to use Cookups?

You only pay for the meal and a nominal delivery fee.

Is there a cancellation policy?

In order to change or cancel your order, you just need to do within the cancellation time which is usually the same as the last order time.

How are the cooks vetted?

Food safety is a pillar of the Cookups community. We seek out only the best home Cooks and hold them to the highest standards for food safety. We inspect all kitchens before Cooks are approved to sell on the platform and conduct regular home visits on a quarterly basis to ensure our standards are maintained . Additionally, we furnish each Cook with information on hygiene and packaging guidelines. We receive feedback on every single Cookups meal to ensure that quality and safety standards are never compromised. We thoroughly investigate all complaints, and if there are safety issues such as illness, the Cook is barred from posting until the investigation is completed. If a complaint is legitimate and of a serious nature the Cook will be barred from our platform - the most important thing for us is that people enjoy their food safely.

How do complaints work?

On the rare occasion of the food not meeting your expectations, the cook will usually compensate you by sending a free meal if you provide a valid reason. For delivery issues, Cookups will investigate and take action accordingly, which may include reimbursing your delivery fee. Please feel free to contact us via the help & support section on the app or via email at [email protected].

My question is not here, who should I contact?

Please feel free to contact us via messenger or via email at [email protected] if there are any questions we can help answer.