About Us

Cookups is a homemade food delivery service that connects home cooks of all socioeconomic backgrounds to diners who want a taste of home. Our vision is to become Bangladesh’s leading online marketplace for homemade food by providing equal opportunities for people of all genders who love to cook. Cookups focuses on creating the ultimate marketplace for homemade food by:

Empowering women

By giving women that agency or choice of not having to come out their homes and work to be “empowered”. Economic independence is the key to having choices in life.

Creating better standards

Helping cooks make more informed choices about their hygiene practices and the use of high quality ingredients which results in better food choices for the customer.

Bridging the gap for homemade food

By eliminating the need to eat out at costly restaurants, diners are able to enjoy healthy and wholesome meals sitting at home.

Our Vision

We believe in a world where everyone can experience a taste of home.